Biostatistics 236 Repeated Measures Spring 2004

This page provides links to our library of examples and data sets.

Current status, 10-Jan-2002. A directory of SAS examples used in Biostat 236, Winter 2002.

Current status, 24-Apr-2001. Updated SAS code to use version 8. Libnames will need to be updated as appropriate for your system. Postscript figures and reports were based on the output from version 6.

Spring 2004: First Data Analysis Project Data. Sas Code to do a little data management.

Spring 2004: Second Data Analysis Project Data. Sas Code to read the data.

Timing Project Data. From OZ-DASL. .

Mice Data

Dental Data

Weight Loss Data

Pain Data

2003 data analysis project information.

SAS version 6 version of the web site

Thanks to Zhishen Ye and Yunda Huang. Additional assistance from John Boscardin, Alan Buxton and Susan Alber.

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