Biostatistics 236
Modeling Longitudinal Data
Winter 2012 - Robert Weiss

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Event Time Day Room
Lecture 8:30 - 9:50 Tuesday 61-269 CHS
Lecture 8:30 - 9:50 Thursday 61-269 CHS
Computer Lab 1A 11:00 - 11:50 Tuesday A1-241 CHS
Computer Lab 1B 12:00 - 12:50 Tuesday A1-241 CHS
Prof Robert Weiss robweiss at ucla dot edu
Office Hours 10:00-10:50 Tuesday, Thursday 51-269
Office Hours 10:00-10:50 Tuesday, Thursday 51-269
TA Xuyang Lu xylu at ucla dot edu
Office Hours 3:00-3:50 Tuesday, Thursday 41-235
And by appointment

2012. Syllabus and Textbook

2012 Course Information and Syllabus. Includes HW due dates.
The textbook is Modeling Longitudinal Data The book web site has data and links to example code.

2012. Lecture Notes

First Packet of Lecture Notes, 28 pages. Please print and bring to class.
Zipped folder of all 9 course note packets Password Protected: Attend class to get password. Teachers of the course at other universities are welcome to copies of the notes.
Newly rescanned packet 4 lecture notes.

Homeworks (PDFs)

Homeworks (Original LaTeX)

2012 Computer Labs for Learning Longitudinal Data Analysis Using SAS.

2008 Useful Links

2008 Miscellaneous SAS Code
2008 Documentation
2008 Courses and Texts Around the Country

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